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Dell C6100

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Dell C6100 servers

I bought a Dell C6100 a while back. 4 nodes, each with Dual Xeon E5506 processors, 36Gb RAM. They share 12 drives bays (3 dedicated to each machine) and each machine has 2 GigE ports and an IPMI port.

These machines are running Windows Server 2016, and have a mix of drives, mostly spare. I think 3 have a 250Gb Drive, one boots from a 750Gb disk, and 2 have 64Gb SSDs for extra space, one has a 500Gb for extra space. They all have Hyper-V enabled, managed by SCVMM and have both NICs connected to my main switch in teamed mode.

VMs hosted on them include:

  • DHCP Server running on Windows Server 2016 Core
  • 2 Active Directory boxes, currently running Windows Server 2012 R2, but soon to get upgraded to 2016 Core
  • Linux VM running docker (with multiple containers)
  • Linux VM for monitoring network
  • Linux VM for Ubiquiti Networks controller

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