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Continuous Integration and Blogging

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Back in August of 2012, I started this site using Git and Jekyll. I hosted most of it at home, pushing to a server in house. Then, a few years back, I moved to pushing the files to Amazon S3 and had Cloud Front doing distribution. The last moved had me hosting the files in NearlyFreeSpeech.NET and Cloud Flare doing the content distribution… Well, that changed over the last few days… again…

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Announcing B2 Uploader and Hubic Testing 2.0

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I have 2 new side projects to announce on the site today. First has been running for a while (first check-in was December 28th) and it’s called B2Uploader. Its a fairly simple Windows application to upload files to BackBlaze B2. If you are not familiar with BackBlaze, they provide unlimited backup storage for the low price of a fiver a month. They are the guys who design the BackBlaze storage pods (I want one, by the way!

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All blogs moved to Jekyll

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Well, its finally happened. All my blogs, Tiernan’s Comms Closet, GeekPhotographer and the Podcast have been moved to Jekyll. I wrote up a long and complicated post explaining how I did it… Now, i dont have to worry about Wordpress security issues on my home sites! Happy Days!

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CDN Hosted Blog

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Well, if you can read this, this site is now hosted fully on AWS with both S3 and CloudFront. More details eventually… [UPDATE] How did i host this on S3 and CloudFront? Check out this article by Paul Stamatiou for details…

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Moving sites to NearlyFreeSpeech

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I have been running a Dedicated Server from Hetzner for a while now, but have started to look at what i am running on the site, and reailized i under utilize the machine a lot… For example, this site is generated using Jekyll, which takes up very little power, and becomes static HTML files. My other blogs (Tiernan’s Comms Closet and GeekPhotographer) are both low traffic Wordpress sites, and I run a couple of other static sites also for friends… All in all, not a lot of power…

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My new Git Powered Site

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So, this site is brought to you by GIT, Jekyll and Magic… here is how i did it… I have a Linux VM running the site. Its an Ubuntu 12.04 server. On that i installed Jekyll. I also have gitolite installed for personal git repos. In the Git Repo for this site, under the hooks directory, I added a post-receive file which I got from here originally. Apache is set to serve the directory that Jekyll produces… That’s what you are reading here.

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