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double speed Internet Part 9 - Going Back

[NOTE] This part 9 in a series of posts. The rest can be found here Well, the double internet experiment is about ready to be finished… After 9 posts, 4 months, lots of sweating, many painful nights trying to figure out why something stopped using, shouting when Netflix did not work, wondering why my internet connection was so slow, and many, many other problems, i have decided to wind down the project.

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double speed Internet Part 8 - Routing Around

[NOTE] This part 8 in a series of posts. The rest can be found here. At the end of my last post I asked the question about routing traffic to different servers based on thier distances, etc… Well, after a bit of messing, i can say it kind of works! here is a quick over view: server in the house has now got multiple OpenVPN connections (2 to Hetzner, 1 to OVH (with a plan to double), 1 to Digital Ocean (again, to be doubled) and i am planning 2 to Azure as well).

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double speed Internet Part 7 - ECMP (kind of)

[NOTE] This part 7 in a series of posts. The rest can be found here. In the last post I mentioned I am now using Hetzner for hosting a dedicated box. Thats still live, and going well. I have a /29 IP range (6 usable) and also 2 other IPs. So far, so good… But because i was using a Socks Server, I was not fully able to use the /29 ips… I use something like as follows:

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double speed Internet Part 6 - Hetzner Edition

[NOTE] This part 6 in a series of posts. The rest can be found here. Its been a while, since I posted, and there are some, well, pretty major changes since the last time… Lets start are the beginning. Last time I was using Digital Ocean for my hosting provider. I was using their $20 a month server (2 cores, 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD, 3TB transfer), and it was all good… But I noticed that every now and again I would need to reboot the box.

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Useful Web and Desktop Apps 2016 edition

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I have decided to do a post on some of my favourite tools to use for development, administration, etc. It’s kind of like Hanselman’s Ultimate Tools list, but not as popular and about 2 years newer… Anyway, the list is available here, and will be updated over time, much like my Daily Carry and Computers pages. If you are interested, you add links though GitHub by editing the toolslist.yml data file.

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(Mad) Max Speed - The Road Warrior (Internet connection) (double speed internet Part 5)

[NOTE] This part 5 in a series of posts. The rest can be found here. This post is going to be an update and theoretical post. probably very little “new” stuff going on here, mostly updates, and what I am planning on doing later on. This week, I have been OOF sick, so I have not done much work, but I have been surfing the web, watching videos, downloading stuff, etc.

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2 Cable Modems = Double Speed? Part 4

[NOTE] This part 4 in a series of posts. The rest can be found here. So, this week I went in a completely different direction that I have been thinking recently… So, the basic theory is as follows: I am still using MPTCP kernels on both upstream and local machine now have 2 P2P UDP OpenVPN tunnels between house and cloud. Example config is here all TCP traffic (bar port 80) that hits the router in house is redirected to RedSocks RedSocks uses a socks server, Dante, as an upstream server on the cloud box since the socks traffic is over TCP (inside the UDP OpenVPN tunnel) it uses MPTCP having socks running, gives me quite the download speed, turning it off does not, hence the following tweet Hmmmm.

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2 Cable modems = Double speed? Part 3

[NOTE] This part 3 in a series of posts. The rest can be found here. In Part 1 of this series I explained the why and what I wanted to do for this “project”. In Part 2 I did some basic testing of both MPTCP and MLVPN. I also mentioned trying MMPPP using vtund but it has been a while since I did that testing, and it had not been on bare metal.

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MPTCP, SSH, Squid, OpenVPN (and 2 Cable modems) = Double Speed? Not quite… Part 2

[NOTE] This part 2 in a series of posts. The rest can be found here. In my previous post I explained what i was trying to do… This post explains what i have been working on recently, and performance results… So, first, what have i tried… There are 3 different things i have tried, and here are some of their details. Some will need to be updated (other parts of this series), and others i will try get back to eventually.

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PowerShell + HandBrake + AppleTV + iTunes = Automatic TV… Ish…

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I have an AppleTV in the house (3, actually) and i am very happy with its ease of use, size and cost… You cant really argue with the small price! I also have a lot of content that works great with the AppleTV in iTunes, but i have content which does not work so great with the AppleTV… So, i needed to find a way to convert files quickly and easily… thats where PowerShell and Handbrake come in…

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