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Network Update Info April 2019

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So, this post has been a long time coming! A load of different things to talk about, so lets get started! GodBox V3 So, for a long time, I have been thinking about GodBoxV3, the replacement to GodBoxV2. And when planning this, i had some ideas of what it should be: Minimum of 2x16 cores (double godboxv2) About the same RAM, if not more FAST STORAGE! Is able to run my twin 30” 4K monitors Would like 10Gb/s NICs Well, It finally happened!

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Playing with AMD’s Epyc

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So, a few days back I got an email from Packet.net about a promotion they and AMD where running. Essentially, they gave me some credit for their service (i am an existing customer) to play with one of their c2.medium machines. A c2.medium comes with an AMD EPYC 7401P which consists of 24 physical cores clocked at 2Gz with an all core boost at 2.8Gb and a max clock of 3Gz, 48 threads, 64GB ECC Memory, 2x120GB SSDs for boot and 2x480GB SSDs for main storage.

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Blogging on an iPad Pro

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So, a few months back I bought myself an iPad Pro. I got a 10.5” with 64GB Storage and the Smart Keyboard. Since then, i have been mostly using it for playing around: watching YouTube, Netflix, surfing on the couch, etc. but i started to wonder how “Pro” this was…so i went and did some testing, and in the end nearly all of this post is being written on it…

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Cloud Desktop becoming a reality

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I have talked about the theory of the “Cloud desktop” twice on my older blog (Rackspace’s Hosted Virtual Desktop and More on the desktop in the cloud) way back since 2011. Since then, a few things have changed: Amazon have released AWS Workspaces, which is a cloud based desktop using Teradici’s PCoIP technology Both EC2 and Azure now have GPU enabled VMs to spin up and use NVidia have released NVidia Grid cards, specifically for the “cloud” or “remote” desktop services.

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Edge Router, Sophos UTM, DMZ and LAN Networks

I have been using an EdgeRouer POE as my main router for most of the network (some of the network still uses PFSense as a router, but thats being removed soon) for the last few weeks, and i am quite happy with it. I also have a second router, a Sophos UTM VM between my first LAN (essentially a DMZ) and my client LAN (there will be more “LANs” over there soon).

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Network and HomeLab V.Next (Part 4)

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So, after some messing, tweaking, and thinking, I have made some progress with the home lab… or at least broken some stuff… I mentioned previously that i had a Ubiqititi networks EdgeRouter POE in the home lab. Originally, the plan was to use a Virtual PFSense box for my core router… Given the power usage of the current PfSense Box (I have 2 MPower Pro’s watching power in the lab) I am now thinking of moving to just the EdgeRouter for, well, edge routing… below is the usage of the ProLiant for the last 12 hours or so:

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Windows Server 2012 R2 returning to The GodBoxV2

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After a few months of running Sabayon Linux on the GodboxV2, i am going back to Windows Server. Back around October of last year, i installed Windows 10 Preview on the GodBoxV2, and, well, there where issues with graphics drivers, etc. Then, some time after, i cant remember off hand when, i moved to Sabayon Linux. Its based on Gentoo but has a lot of the components pre-built. Gentoo is a “Build from scratch” sort of OS.

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ZFS Home storage pool

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Over the weekend, my BTRFS pool for my /home directory on Linux failed… Not sure what happened, but it made me do something i wanted to do for a while: Build a ZFS pool for my home dir. First things first, the pool consists of 4 2Tb hard drives and 1 128Gb SSD. Its setup in RAIDZ1 (equivilent of RAID 5) and then the SSD is set for caching. To create the pool i ran

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Ubiquiti EdgeRouter PoE in the lab

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Today, my Ubiquiti EdgeRouter POE arrived in the house. I got it hooked up to both UPC connections (as secondary connections) and all seems to be working grand. Some notes i wanted to put up here: out of the box, the install was quite simple. set my Ethernet connection to a static ip in the 192.168.1.x/24 range, using as gateway and dns, and then point at for admin.

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Network and HomeLab V.Next (Part 3)

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So, this part of my article set will be talking specifically about the router and wireless network. At the moment, my router is way overkill: Old HP Proliant ML110 G5 Intel Core2Quad Q6600 8 Gb RAM total of 12 Gigabit network cards (of which 4 are currently used…) 500Gb HDD I have been playing with some networking in the house and have managed to build some VLANs. The modems are connected both directly to the Router and to a dedicated switch port for a given VLAN.

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