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Network and HomeLab V.Next (Part 2)

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So, in my last post i talked about the requirements for the home lab, and in this post, im going to talk about a few more updates i have made in the last few weeks. First, the processors: in the first post, i talked about Xeon D or Xeon E3… Well, i missed one… The Xeon E5. I have 2 of these in GodBox 2, and you can get them into a microATX board.

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Network and Homelab V.Next (Part 1)

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So, its that time again… HomeLab upgrade time… Or at least the planning for it. I am in the process of rebuilding my home lab, which involves pull all old servers out of the rack and replacing them with new ones… It also means rewriting the network, possibly upgrading some existing gear and hopefully getting the whole lot done on a budget of some sort… So, why? Well, biggest reason for all this is currently heat and power usage.

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RouterOS Dynamic IP Updates

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I have been using a MikroTik RouterBoard RB750 for a while now, and i love it! Over the weekend, i upgraded it to a RB1100. Its the same software running the device, but the device is faster (800Mhz PowerPC chip VS MIPS-BE at 680Mhz), has more memory (512Mb upgradable to 1.5Gb vs 32Mb) and more storage (think its 512Mb on board, plus 4Gb MicroSD card vs 32mb…). It also has more ports (13 GigE VS 5) and 2 Switch Groups, which i have no idea what they do just yet…

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GPS and Raspberry Pi

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Need to add GPS to your Raspberry Pi? How do i attach a GPS to a Raspberry answers your question!

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Raspberry Pi now with 512MB RAM, other random links…

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Earlier on today, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced that the Model B will now be shipping with 512Mb RAM as standard, with no price change. I posted the link up on Hacker News and its caused quite a lot of happy people! So, with the news of extra RAM, its started making me think of more things the Pi could be used for… An Austrian hosting company are offering free Co-Location for Raspberry Pis with a 100Mb/s uplink and 100Gb bandwidth!

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more raspberry pi and camera antics

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A while back I posted about the Raspberry Pi, and in the post was a link to a Photographer who was embeding a Raspberry Pi into a Canon 5D MKII battery grip. Well, its been a while, and i have been thinking about the Pi and Cameras, so I went looking around… Here is what i found. HDR Photography with a Raspberry Pi and GPhoto2: It was linked at the end of David’s post, and i missed it completely.

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Raspberry Pi Stuff

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A couple months back, I got my hands on a Raspberry Pi, a tiny development board that can run a full copy of Linux, has a HDMI port, a couple USB ports, Ethernet and a few other little bits and pieces. The full specs, from the Wikipedia Article are as follows: Operating system: Linux (Debian GNU/Linux, Fedora, and Arch Linux ARM) Power: 2.5 W (model A), 3.5 W (model B) CPU: ARM1176JZF-S (armv6k) 700 MHz Storage capacity: SD card slot (SD or SDHC card) Memory: 256 MByte Graphics: Broadcom VideoCore IV There have been a few things i have wanted to play with it for, but have not implemented all them yet… still learning… but some interesting projects have come to my attention… here they are, in no particular order:

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