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Handbrake Cluster

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[UPDATED] someone asked in the comments if there was an binary build for this file. there is now! http://handbrakecluster.codeplex.com now hosts the code and binaries, and will soon have help files and documentation. A few days back, i wrote a post titled Powershell + Handbrake + AppleTV + iTunes = Automatic TV… ish. In it i included a block of Powershell code to bulk convert TV shows from whatever format you had them in to a M4V format for the AppleTV.

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PowerShell + HandBrake + AppleTV + iTunes = Automatic TV… Ish…

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I have an AppleTV in the house (3, actually) and i am very happy with its ease of use, size and cost… You cant really argue with the small price! I also have a lot of content that works great with the AppleTV in iTunes, but i have content which does not work so great with the AppleTV… So, i needed to find a way to convert files quickly and easily… thats where PowerShell and Handbrake come in…

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