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VLANs, Wifi and Mikrotik

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About a month ago, while i was recovering from surgery, i attended a Webinar on Cisco Meraki devices. After the webinar, i was contacted by Maraki and given a MR18 with a 3 year license, to play with and evaluate. So, i set it up in the house and all was good. Thing is, the wifi in the house was grand previously. I have a Routerboard RB951G which does the job and has no issues.

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MicroTik RouterOS VPN Setup

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I have been running a MikroTik RouterBoard in the house for a couple of months now (the RB750G) and I am very much loving the thing. But one thing you may need to do is setup VPN connections… Here are some tips on how to create a VPN Server and Client on your RouterBoard. ##Client Setup to setup a client, you need to do the following: What does that all do?

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