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Mobile Phone as a Service

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After my post about the Raspberry Pi acting as a VoIP server, and being able to add a 3G Dongle and allowing it to act as a Mobile Phone gateway, it got me thinking… Why not have something that allows you to rent a mobile phone number in a country, send and recieve text messages, phone calls, etc, all from anywhere in the world? Thats where Mobile Phone as a Service comes in…

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Raspberry Pi as an Asterisk Box

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The Raspberry Pi is a pretty amazing peice of kit for its price and size. And now, you can make it even more amazing by using it as a VoIP server for your house! Check out Raspberry Asterisk for downloads, documentation, etc, on how to setup a Raspberry Pi and Asterisk. I have a couple Pi’s in the house, and plan on setting this up in the next few days. Keep your eyes on the site… more posts coming!

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Raspberry Pi as a Mobile WiFi HotSpot (part 1)

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I have been using an iPhone 4 as a wifi hotspot for a while now. It does not have a “phone” SIM in it, with calls and texts enabled, instead it has a 3G Data SIM from a dongle… It works OK, but there are a few issues i have with it… No easy way to see how much data is being used, unless you Jail Break, and then battery life goes away… not very hackable… other than Jail Break, and thats not hackable enough… not a lot of storage: 16Gb, and most of that is takin up by Music and Apps no background network daemons… more on that in a second… The Network Daemons i am thinking would be useful for a WiFi Hotspot would be Squid, WANProxy, SSH, PPTP or OpenVPN Client and possibly a downloader of some sort.

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Boot Raspberry Pi with SSH Enabled, Enable Wifi on Boot, and more

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Some interesting links for the Raspberry Pi today: So, you just bought a new Raspberry Pi and need to enable SSH, but dont have a screen? Prepare for SSH without a Screen shows you what to do! How to Bring up WLAN0 on boot shows you how to start your Wifi adapter when you boot your Pi

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GPS and Raspberry Pi

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Need to add GPS to your Raspberry Pi? How do i attach a GPS to a Raspberry answers your question!

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Raspberry Pi now with 512MB RAM, other random links…

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Earlier on today, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced that the Model B will now be shipping with 512Mb RAM as standard, with no price change. I posted the link up on Hacker News and its caused quite a lot of happy people! So, with the news of extra RAM, its started making me think of more things the Pi could be used for… An Austrian hosting company are offering free Co-Location for Raspberry Pis with a 100Mb/s uplink and 100Gb bandwidth!

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more raspberry pi and camera antics

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A while back I posted about the Raspberry Pi, and in the post was a link to a Photographer who was embeding a Raspberry Pi into a Canon 5D MKII battery grip. Well, its been a while, and i have been thinking about the Pi and Cameras, so I went looking around… Here is what i found. HDR Photography with a Raspberry Pi and GPhoto2: It was linked at the end of David’s post, and i missed it completely.

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Building a Cross Compiler for your Raspberry Pi

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My main machine at home, known as “The GodBox” is a Dual Processor, Quad Core Xeon 5520 with 60Gb RAM, 2 300Gb 10,000 RPM Western Digital Velociraptor in RAID 0 for boot, 4X1Tb 7200RPM drives for storage, 2 more 300Gb 10,000 RPM drives for “scratch disk” and a couple high(ish) end graphics cards with 3 monitors plugged in… Hence the name, GodBox! Anyway, The Raspberry Pi, on the other hand, has a 700Mhz processor, 256Mb RAM and not much else… So, if you need to write code for your Pi, and you don’t want to wait a long time to compile, check out this tutorial on how to build a cross compiler for your raspberry pi which will allow you to build your apps on a different machine… I have a college project which the Raspberry Pi will be used for, and i am thinking this will be how i build code.

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Raspberry Pi Stuff

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A couple months back, I got my hands on a Raspberry Pi, a tiny development board that can run a full copy of Linux, has a HDMI port, a couple USB ports, Ethernet and a few other little bits and pieces. The full specs, from the Wikipedia Article are as follows: Operating system: Linux (Debian GNU/Linux, Fedora, and Arch Linux ARM) Power: 2.5 W (model A), 3.5 W (model B) CPU: ARM1176JZF-S (armv6k) 700 MHz Storage capacity: SD card slot (SD or SDHC card) Memory: 256 MByte Graphics: Broadcom VideoCore IV There have been a few things i have wanted to play with it for, but have not implemented all them yet… still learning… but some interesting projects have come to my attention… here they are, in no particular order:

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