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VLANs, Wifi and Mikrotik

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About a month ago, while i was recovering from surgery, i attended a Webinar on Cisco Meraki devices. After the webinar, i was contacted by Maraki and given a MR18 with a 3 year license, to play with and evaluate. So, i set it up in the house and all was good. Thing is, the wifi in the house was grand previously. I have a Routerboard RB951G which does the job and has no issues.

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IPv6 Firewall rules for MikroTik RouterOS

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After yesterday’s post on IPv6 Networking in the house, I realized that all machines internally had publically facing IPv6 addresses! I started to panic, then went looking online, and found the following script: This script, when run on your RouterOS board, will allow Established and Related connections, allow outgoing connections, and drop anything incoming that has not been requested… so, now everything inside the network should be more secured… I am new to this IPv6 stuff, so I am still learning… but, i am getting there…

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IPv6 + MikroTik + Linux + Windows

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I have been wanting to setup an IPv6 network for a while now, but never had the hardware or network to support it. My broadband Modem, a Cisco EPC3925, was pretty useless… But with the advent of Bridging on the Cisco EPC3925 it now works! The first thing i needed to do was setup a Tunnel Broker Account with Hurricane Electric. I got a /64 block of IPv6 addresses, which should do me for a while… :)

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RouterOS Dynamic IP Updates

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I have been using a MikroTik RouterBoard RB750 for a while now, and i love it! Over the weekend, i upgraded it to a RB1100. Its the same software running the device, but the device is faster (800Mhz PowerPC chip VS MIPS-BE at 680Mhz), has more memory (512Mb upgradable to 1.5Gb vs 32Mb) and more storage (think its 512Mb on board, plus 4Gb MicroSD card vs 32mb…). It also has more ports (13 GigE VS 5) and 2 Switch Groups, which i have no idea what they do just yet…

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RouterOS Using Host names in Firewall Rules

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As a follow up to yesterday’s post on RouterOS Blocking Machine access to all but one IP I tought i would show how to add extra IPs to that list, without having a shedload of firewall filters. First things first, get your list of IPs you allow access to. In my case, i just did an NSLOOKUP on the name and got the IPs. Create an “Address List” in RouterOS.

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RouterOS Blocking Machine access to all but one IP

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So, i have a machine on my network, which should be only connecting to the internet though a VPN. I needed to tell my RouterOS box to block all access, except to this said IP address… The following should do the trick… YMMV this will drop any packets from the srcaddress (IP address) that are not for destination dstaddress (IP address). in my case, dstaddress is the VPN server i want to connect to.

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MicroTik RouterOS VPN Setup

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I have been running a MikroTik RouterBoard in the house for a couple of months now (the RB750G) and I am very much loving the thing. But one thing you may need to do is setup VPN connections… Here are some tips on how to create a VPN Server and Client on your RouterBoard. ##Client Setup to setup a client, you need to do the following: What does that all do?

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