GodBox v2

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GodBox V2

Dell Precision T7600 Workstation:

  • Dual 8 Core Xeons (E5-4620 @ 2.2Gz each)
  • 160Gb RAM (DDR3)
  • 2 256Gb Samsung 850 Pro SSDs (RAID 0 from the PERC Controller onboard) RMAed these drives… waiting on replacments…
  • 5x 2Tbs with a 256GB and 128GB SSD.
  • Drobo 5D with 4X4Tb drives and 1Tb drive (17Tb RAW, ~13Tb usable)
  • NVidia Geforce GTX 970 graphics card
  • 2 Dell 2007WFP Monitors and 2 Dell P2815Q (4k) Monitors
  • Currently running Debian Linux

godboxv2-CPU details