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GodBox V1

The GodBox is my main Hyper-V server and backup workstation. Its specs are as follows:

  • Dual Intel Xeon E5520 processors at 2.26Gz each. They are Quad core and are Hyper Threaded… Windows sees 16 processors!
  • 84Gb RAM (DDR3)
  • 2 300GB Western Digital VelociRaptors in RAID 0 for boot.
  • 4 hard drives in a storage pool. cant remember the sizes. these are connected to a Dell Perc H200, but no raid is used on the card.
  • Connected to a DVI KVM switch and used on a 28 Inch Dell 4K Monitor
  • Runs Windows Server 2016 Datacenter, Hyper-V and has a few VMs running all the time…

Some old photos of the machine are seen here:

GodBox V1 CPU Info

Godbox Monitors