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Using git and Route53 together

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so, earlier on today, i was talking about using Git with a DNS service called LuaDNS to update your DNS records. Well, thing is, i have 30+ domains registered, and of them about 25 are hosted on Amazon’s Route53. So, moving ALL of them seems, well at the moment, excessive… So, i went digging… there is a tool called cli53 which will allow you to manage route53 objects from the command line.

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Git Push DNS

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There are now a lot of services that have “git push” options available… you can build websites with Azure and Github, books using ShareLaTeX and now, DNS using LuaDNS. I have one zone running at the moment (tiernanotoole.net) and you can see the DNS records on github here. I am tempted at moving other records over soon… but i am currently on Amazon Route53 and 1: its works, so dont break it, and 2, not sure how to bulk export records from Route53 to Bind or Lua format.

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