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Using git and Route53 together

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so, earlier on today, i was talking about using Git with a DNS service called LuaDNS to update your DNS records. Well, thing is, i have 30+ domains registered, and of them about 25 are hosted on Amazon’s Route53. So, moving ALL of them seems, well at the moment, excessive… So, i went digging… there is a tool called cli53 which will allow you to manage route53 objects from the command line.

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Git Push DNS

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There are now a lot of services that have “git push” options available… you can build websites with Azure and Github, books using ShareLaTeX and now, DNS using LuaDNS. I have one zone running at the moment (tiernanotoole.net) and you can see the DNS records on github here. I am tempted at moving other records over soon… but i am currently on Amazon Route53 and 1: its works, so dont break it, and 2, not sure how to bulk export records from Route53 to Bind or Lua format.

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Moving sites to NearlyFreeSpeech

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I have been running a Dedicated Server from Hetzner for a while now, but have started to look at what i am running on the site, and reailized i under utilize the machine a lot… For example, this site is generated using Jekyll, which takes up very little power, and becomes static HTML files. My other blogs (Tiernan’s Comms Closet and GeekPhotographer) are both low traffic Wordpress sites, and I run a couple of other static sites also for friends… All in all, not a lot of power…

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GIT tips and tricks

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I use GIT a lot for different things, including this blog. so, here are a few tips and tricks i have found useful over the while… Using Dropbox as a local GIT/Mercurial Repository: my own post from a while back. Twelve GIT curated Tips and Workflows from the Trenches Using GIT with Subversion: tips that will make your life easier: The office has an SVN server, but i like GIT.

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Build your own Private GIT server

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This site is built with GIT, GitoLite and Jekyll… I posted about this before. but how do you setup your own Git Server? checkout How to install and Setup a Git Repository Server using Gitolite on Linux Ubuntu 10.04 and 11.04 on mmncs.com. I am using Ubuntu 12.04, but its mostly the same…

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My new Git Powered Site

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So, this site is brought to you by GIT, Jekyll and Magic… here is how i did it… I have a Linux VM running the site. Its an Ubuntu 12.04 server. On that i installed Jekyll. I also have gitolite installed for personal git repos. In the Git Repo for this site, under the hooks directory, I added a post-receive file which I got from here originally. Apache is set to serve the directory that Jekyll produces… That’s what you are reading here.

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