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VSCode and Markdown Monster with Powershell

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A few years back, i created a post showing you how to add an Alias to PowerShell to easily start Sublime Text from a PowerShell command line . This worked well, but this is 2017 (that post is from 2012!) and my daily text editor has changed. I have moved to Visual Studio Code for most of my daily work. It works well 95% of the time. I still use Visual Studio Pro for C# Development, but for quick fixes and work on, say Go or smaller edits, Code is great.

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PowerShell + HandBrake + AppleTV + iTunes = Automatic TV… Ish…

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I have an AppleTV in the house (3, actually) and i am very happy with its ease of use, size and cost… You cant really argue with the small price! I also have a lot of content that works great with the AppleTV in iTunes, but i have content which does not work so great with the AppleTV… So, i needed to find a way to convert files quickly and easily… thats where PowerShell and Handbrake come in…

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Sublime Text 2 with Powershell

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My new Favorite cross platform text editor is Sublime Text 2. It works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, and i am very happy with it. My only problem is the path to start it is not exactly easy to type… So, with the help of PowerShell, my new favorite command line tool on Windows, i added an alias: Set-Alias subl 'c:\program files\sublime text 2\sublime_text.exe' I added this to my Microsoft.

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