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IPv6 + MikroTik + Linux + Windows

I have been wanting to setup an IPv6 network for a while now, but never had the hardware or network to support it. My broadband Modem, a Cisco EPC3925, was pretty useless… But with the advent of Bridging on the Cisco EPC3925 it now works!

The first thing i needed to do was setup a Tunnel Broker Account with Hurricane Electric. I got a /64 block of IPv6 addresses, which should do me for a while… 🙂

Next, I followed the config example from the MikroTik Wiki Page: My First IPv6 Network. In my case, i only ran though most of router 1’s config, and did not create the “routing between segments” and “ospv-v3” backbone… I did give my internal LAN port an IPv6 address, as well as an IPv4 address.

Next, on my Windows Server machine, i gave it a static IPv6 address (since i dont have an IPv6 DHCP setup… yet…) and told it to use the IPv6 address i gave the RouteBoard as its gateway. Then i told it to use the OpenDNS public IPv6 address. I then visited IPv6 Test and Google’s IPv6 page to confirm connectivity… SUCCESS!!!

On my Linux box, I followed Soflayer’s Adding an IPv6 IP tutorial.

So far, so good…