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Day 35 of #100daysofhomelab

Day 35 of and I have been trying to clean up some stuff for my Mac Book Pro. I have an external enclosure from Yottamaster that has 5 3.5” bays and connects via USB C (USB 3.1). I got 5 8TB Seagate IronWolf drives in there. Currently, I have it set up as RAID 10 with 16Tb usable, which is named Archive, with 1 extra drive non-protected 8Tb drive. The details on setting up RAID 10 on MacOS is in the links section. I was looking at using RAID 5 for the archive pool, but the only option that seems to be available is SoftRAID but it’s USD250 for a license unless you have an OWC enclosure… Given the enclosure cost me that much in the first place, I think I will keep with RAID 10 for the while… RAID 5 would, potentially, give me 32Tb usable on my Archive, but 250 is a bit steep… for now…

IMG 1794

I also have a Sabrent USB 3.0 4 Bay 2.5” enclosure with 4 500Gb Samsung SSDs, named SCRATCH. This is in RAID 0 (I know, I know, if one drive goes MIA, all data is lost… That’s why this is a TEMP folder! It’s backed up to the Archive and also to BackBlaze). This is mostly stuff that is downloaded, and Video work that, when completed, is moved to the Archive Folder. Anyway, files are currently moving, so I will leave that as is.

On an update for the RB5009, It was originally planned for today, but the daddy found a TV show on Netflix, so it will have to be done either this evening or tomorrow morning… We will see… Anyway, some links:


This site is hosted on my own ASN on AS204994. More details about that over there. I also use Vultr for transit services and HostUs for LIR Services. Check them out. You can also check some of the gear I use on a daily basis over on kit.co/tiernano. Looking for a Backup Option? Check out Backblaze and get a month free.

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