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Day 46 of #100daysofhomelab

Day 46 of and I haven’t had much time to work on the homelab this weekend, but have had some time using it, somewhat indirectly… Plex, Netflix and Disney Plus streaming, etc. Internet is more stable (but not 100%… more messing on that part soon) and the RB5009 is definitely more stable (IPv6 BGP is currently off, and only using 5 of my 14ish BGP sessions I could use… I think 1Gb RAM is struggling, or my filters are wrong… Hopefully, it’s a filter thing, that way I can sort it out without new hardware.


This site is hosted on my own ASN on AS204994. More details about that over there. I also use Vultr for transit services and HostUs for LIR Services. Check them out. You can also check some of the gear I use on a daily basis over on kit.co/tiernano. Looking for a Backup Option? Check out Backblaze and get a month free.

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