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Day 25 of #100daysofhomelab

Day 25 of #100daysofhomelab, and not done much in the way of home lab work today, but has tested the bejesus out of the internet connection! I bought a Backblaze License for my Mac Book Pro, which initially has around 2.3Tb to backup. There are my YouTube Videos along with code and other bits… It looks like it has uploaded 290 Gb in the last 24 hours…

I also bought an Xbox Series X, and have downloaded a few games to it too… I previously had an Xbox One S with the Games Pass Ultimate, so those games were downloaded. I think it’s downloaded nearly 200 GB in the last few hours! Finally, my mother got home from the hospital yesterday and found a Netflix TV show she wanted to watch and has binge-watched most of it. That seems to be a bit more sedate 20Gb since last night… Overall, the Zerotier-backed connection seems to be working well!

Other than that, watched the Techno Tim video on MaaS. Looks interesting. And I am also looking into the idea of using Mastodon/Fediverse replies in WordPress… I found this post about doing it on static sites. More digging required i think, but now I’m off to play Flight Simulator!