Hubic, OpenStack Swift and Curl

Posted on 01 April 2015.

HubiC is an online storage site, built by the guys at OVH. They are currently offering 30Gb free (if you use the link above) or if you pay, you get 110Gb (insted of the usual 100Gb) for EUR1 a month, or 10.5TB (yup... TERABYTES!) for EUR5 a month... Thats a crazy amount of storage for a not crazy amount of money!

So, while playing around with different things, I found they have an API, so other than the usual apps to play with (like the Hubic Apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Desktop and OSX, Duplicity for backing up *nix boxes, and a few others) you can build your own...

But first, i needed to figure out how... So, after a lot of arsing around in Linux shells with curl i finally got some stuff working!

First, i used the Hubic sandbox to get the keys... its quite simple to walk though... this gets you your Access Token (see step 3). next, we need to get the Endpoint from Hubic: This GIST shows more:

Quick walkthough:

the first CURL request is to the HubiC API to get the credentials... this gives you a JSON response with a token and a endpoint URL aswell with an expire time...

The next request gets you a list of all files (or at least a load of files in my case) of whats in your folder. the

name here is my folder... I think its what everyone starts out with in HubiC... if you remove it, you will see all your top level folders.

next request i tried was to upload a file... the

part is where you want it to be stored. this must exist on your local machine.

finally, downloading of a file... pass in the location of the file on the server (listing files will give you the location) and then

in curl shows the output location...

Simples! now to get this working in c#... Full OpenStack Swift API is available to show how to do more... hopefully it will help in my C# coding...

Daily Carry, March 2015 Edition

Posted on 26 March 2015.

A couple of years back, i did a post about my Daily Carry for college... Well, I have finished (ish) college, but i still cary a lot of weird and wonderful stuff... So, this is the update...

The details are on my Daily Carry page, and, in theory, should always be up to date... Thats the theory anyway... :)

Mobile Phone as a Service

Posted on 15 February 2015.

After my post about the Raspberry Pi acting as a VoIP server, and being able to add a 3G Dongle and allowing it to act as a Mobile Phone gateway, it got me thinking... Why not have something that allows you to rent a mobile phone number in a country, send and recieve text messages, phone calls, etc, all from anywhere in the world? Thats where Mobile Phone as a Service comes in...

The theory behing MPaaS is quite simple: A SIM Card for a mobile phone is placed in a USB Dongle, plugged into a VoIP server (Asterisk box, probably a Raspberry Pi) and shared with the user who requests it.

Its only a theory at the moment... Any interest?

CDN Hosted Blog

Posted on 23 January 2014.

Well, if you can read this, this site is now hosted fully on AWS with both S3 and CloudFront. More details eventually...

[UPDATE] How did i host this on S3 and CloudFront? Check out this article by Paul Stamatiou for details...

Raspberry Pi as an Asterisk Box

Posted on 29 May 2013.

The Raspberry Pi is a pretty amazing peice of kit for its price and size. And now, you can make it even more amazing by using it as a VoIP server for your house!

Check out Raspberry Asterisk for downloads, documentation, etc, on how to setup a Raspberry Pi and Asterisk. I have a couple Pi's in the house, and plan on setting this up in the next few days. Keep your eyes on the site... more posts coming!

Also, as an added bonus: You can now use a 3G/HSDPA modem to make and recieve calls using Asterisk and your Pi! Carrier Connect has details of how they setup a couple of Raspberry Pi devices in Germany and Cambodia and anyone ringing from Germany got redirected to Cambodia, with no noticable issue. Very cool stuff! Have to try this!

Double Bonous: Chan-Dongle (the software that you use to make and recieve calls with GSM) also allows the device to accept SMS messages!


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