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Meraki and Ubiquiti networks gear Update

Posted on 20 June 2016. Comments

In part 6 of my Double Internet Series I mentioned i was running a Meraki MX64 in the network, and said i would write up about it. I am taking this oppertunity to also write up about the Ubiquiti networks gear in the house also. First on the list...

double speed Internet Part 8 - Routing Around

Posted on 08 June 2016. Comments

[NOTE] This part 8 in a series of posts. The rest can be found here.At the end of my last post I asked the question about routing traffic to different servers based on thier distances, etc… Well, after a bit of messing, i can say it kind of works!...

double speed Internet Part 7 - ECMP (kind of)

Posted on 31 May 2016. Comments

[NOTE] This part 7 in a series of posts. The rest can be found here.In the last post I mentioned I am now using Hetzner for hosting a dedicated box. Thats still live, and going well. I have a /29 IP range (6 usable) and also 2 other IPs. So far, s...

double speed Internet Part 6 - Hetzner Edition

Posted on 17 May 2016. Comments

[NOTE] This part 6 in a series of posts. The rest can be found here.Its been a while, since I posted, and there are some, well, pretty major changes since the last time… Lets start are the beginning.Last time I was using Digital Ocean for my hosti...

Useful Web and Desktop Apps 2016 edition

Posted on 23 April 2016. Comments

I have decided to do a post on some of my favourite tools to use for development, administration, etc. It’s kind of like Hanselman’s Ultimate Tools list, but not as popular and about 2 years newer… Anyway, the list is available here, and will be u...